Baby Scrapbook Samples

baby scrapbook samples

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baby scrapbook samples - Family Tree

Family Tree Page Ideas for Scrapbookers (Memory Makers)

Family Tree Page Ideas for Scrapbookers (Memory Makers)

The definitive book for teaching scrapbookers to research and create one-of-a-kind family tree pages, this guide makes the sometimes daunting task approachable, accomplishable, and fun. Readers will discover: 50 family tree examples, providing inspiration in a multitude of styles; Genealogical research tips so that recapturing family history is do-able, even for those just getting started; Reproducible charts and patterns, allowing scrapbookers to personalize the pages for their own themes; Information on trusted family tree software for easy results; With a wide array of ideas and techniques, this guide makes it easy to create a historical record of family love and tradition.

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A low resolution sample scrapbook frame from - Just drag and drop your photo into the transparent area of the frame. Upload and print at your favorite digital photo shop such as Costco or Wal-mart - Photo quality frames can be found for download at our website.



A low resolution sample of a digital scrapbook paper background from - Check them out for high quality digital scrapbook graphics. There are FREE download sets too.

baby scrapbook samples

baby scrapbook samples

The Creative Memories Way

Everybody has a story to tell. Your life is an incredible, compelling story. But if you’re like most of us, the treasured records of your life–shoeboxes full of rarely-viewed photographs and valued memorabilia–are scattered throughout your house, where they are can’t be enjoyed by anyone. At the same time, important memories are undoubtedly slipping away because you have no system for recording them on paper.

Album-making, or “scrapbooking,” has never been easier–or more important. Nor has it ever been more rewarding. Don’t miss out on this simple, fun-filled way to nurture your family and celebrate your life. Experience the immediate and easy-to-achieve benefits of Creating Keepsake Albums and Building Your Family Legacy…The Creative Memories® Way.

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